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Motivational Youth Speaker
Sunny James, Self Esteem, Attitude, Leadershiop, Teamwork

Leading Motivator - Author- Recording Artist

Making a positive change though words & music
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"If everyone believed in themselves like Sunny,

the world would be a wonderful place.

With the stress and problems in childrens lives

Sunny's program & book gives them permission to dream,

live and be who they want to be!"

The students really love her program."

Tom Huston principal of 7th St. School, Oil City,Pa.

"Sunny puts her positive spirit in the messages

that she sends out in her programs and book.

Always be respectful, keep dreaming and follow your heart

In todays world we need more of that."

Sylvia Lukasiak assist. principal of Hasson Heigths School, Oil City,Pa."

"Your program was fantastic you had the students

involved the entire time and they loved it.

Great message"

Mrs Scanell

"What a wonderful positve program the students

were capitvated right from the beginning.

Very powerful messages"

Mrs Anderton

"Your Believe in Yourself program was a hit

with the students & teachers.

Take your program on the road the world

needs more of you."

Mrs Krensvage

"Your program was so uplifting what a great message

Our students really learned a lot and had fun!"

Mrs Shaffer

"Great uplifting program

very interactive the students loved it "

Mrs Connor

"The students were so motivated and involved

students loved it, come back again "

Mrs Singer

"Excellent program we need more programs

like this to inspire the students "

Mrs Margherio

"I really enjoyed your music and what you

had to say to our cheerleading group" It is really inspiring."

Stacy Mcfall

"Your were amazing I really enjoyed your songs

and the speech you gave to our cheerleading group"

Claudia Ames

In a live television broadcast interview with WSEE 35 television personality

Dave Belmondo "Sunny I heard your song Hills of Pennsylvania this morning

It is the most beautiful song about Pennsylvania

and I just find myself singing the song over and over. It is such a down home song

And what a beautiful voice and great music video."

Dave Belmondo WSEE Channel 35 television personality

"Absolutely awesome song "Hills of Pennsylvania" by Sunny James.

It is the best song that I have ever heard of an upcoming recording artist

It is so touching I think it would make a great state song

I think this will become your signature song

what talent this young lady has and such a beautiful soothing voice

Her songs definitely touch your heart and soul

definitley a must see performer"

Sam Gordon of WKQW Radio station & Out & About Television host

After Finishing her song "In America" in a live on the air performance on 9/11

"What a beautiful voice, why aren't you in Nashville" this lady has

such unbelievable talent.

John Walker 95.1 the Cat Radio Station

"Your song Hills of Pennsylvania is so beautiful,

it should be our state song"

Marilyn Mohnkern

"Sunny I played your song Hills of Pennsylvania for my sister who now

lives in North Carolina, she cried like a baby. It brought back such

great memories for her growing up here in Pennsylvania"

Mark Fox

after singing at the Oil City Veterans Day Memorial

"your song In America brought the tears right to my eyes

it was greatly appreciated by all those who attended"

Don Long veteran and resident of Oil City,Pa.

"Sunny I just got chills watching your music video "Hills of

Pennsylvania" it is so touching and beautiful

Professional studio musician Gary Zuck

"The song Hills of Pennsylvania touches your heart and takes you back to your childhood"

her songs come straight from the heart, what a beautiful voice this

gal needs to be in Nashville.

promotor Johhny West

After singing "Hills of Pennsylvania" at the Huntindon, Pa. Fair

Sunny was approached by 3 radio personalities wanting copies to play on

the air for their stations and 2 performers wanting permission to sing

the song when they perform.

Believe In Yourself

college motivational youth speaker

People Will Believe In You

have Sunny James at your school, college or event

(814) 676-8954

Leading Motivator - Author- Recording Artist

Making a positive change though words & music

"Give me 45 minutes and I will have your group Achieving Extraordinary Results "

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