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Motivational youth Speaker

Sunny James

Self Esteem - Attitude - Leadership - Teamwork

Leading Motivator - Author- Recording Artist

Sunny James making a positive change though words & music

Sunny James is a motivational youth speaker that uses words and music to relay a strong message.

To date she has Released 3 cds,a music video & 3 inspirational books, Sunny is the creator of the "Believe In Yourself" program geared toward creating success in our students appearing on television,radio stations & stages across the countrySunny James Mission StatementTo Teach & Inspire Students to:
  • Believe In Yourself builds Self Esteem
  • Teach Alchohol Awarneess to save lives
  • Leadership
  • Learn & Follow Good Character Values
  • Be Respectfull to Each Other
  • Set Goals & Reach Them
  • Overcome Adversity to reach your potential
  • Help Mentor Others
  • Sunny believes in making learning fun by combining teamwork with audience participationLearning + Fun = Successfull Program It's a fact that when you combine learning with fun the results are amazing. Students learn more and retain the message long after the program.

    Sunny the little country gal from Pennsylvania known for her signature song and music video "Hills of Pennsylvania" a song that she dedicates to the beautiful state she was born and raised in.

    and still lives today with her husband Dale and son, Sonny. Sunny James whose real name is Beth Schmader got her stage name Sunny James from Sunny a nick name given to her by her husband Dale because she was always happy and upbeat and James from her father the late James A. Tarleton who taught her to play guitar at the age of 8 and inspired her to write her own songs.

    Sunny created her program Believe In Yourself to inspire others

    to believe in yourself and your abilities. This helps to build self esteem to become more successful at reaching their potential. It's a fact that those who have confidence in their abilities go on to become more successful. It is so important to help mentor our youth of today, Our students today are the future workers and leaders of our nation.The Success of our nation will someday literally be in their hands. So teaching them valuable lessons to help them

    reach their potential to become successful is vitally important.

    Leading Motivator - Author - Recording Artist

    Making a positive change though words & music

    "Give me 45 minutes and I will have your group Achieving Extraordinary Results "

    contact Sunny now to reserve your date ...(814)676-8954
    Sunny James performs several programs per year, so to avoid disappointment, we urge you to contact Sunny now to reserve your date ...!Sunny James - Motivational Youth Speaker - College Speaker