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Sunny James, Self Esteem, Attitude, Leadershiop, Teamwork

Leading Motivator - Author- Recording Artist

Making a positive change though words & music
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Believe In Yourself -Character Values -Teamwork - Attitude

getting ordinary students doing extraordinary things

Sunny James is a motivational public speaker

She uses both words, music & audience participation

In her motivational programs that motivates & educates students

of all ages as well as teachers and parents

Here is a list of programs that can be availible or combined

Believing in youself, Leadership, Respect, Overcoming adversity,

reaching your potential, Get high on life not on drugs Learning about our beautiful state, Punxsutawney Phil, Holiday programs Sunny can customize a program for your needs.

Sunny can put togethter a program for

    whole school assemblies

    Classroom settings

    Orientation talks

    student & parent settings


    Commencement Ceremonies

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    "If everyone believed in themselves like Sunny,

    the world would be a wonderful place.

    with the stress and problems in childrens lives

    Sunnys programs & books gives them permission to dream,

    live and be who they want to be!

    and teaches them about respect,

    and the importance of learning in school."

    Tom Huston principal

    "Sunny puts her positive spirit in the messages

    that she sends out in her programs and books

    always be respectful, keep dreaming and follow your heart."

    Sylvia Lukasiak principal

    "I really enjoyed your music and what you had to say

    to our cheerleading group about character and respect"

    Stacy Mcfall

    "Your were amazing I really enjoyed your songs

    and the speech you gave to our cheerleading group"

    Claudia Ames

    Believe In Yourself & People Will Believe In You

    have Sunny teach & inspire your students


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Leading Motivator - Author- Recording Artist

Making a positive change though words & music

"Give me 45 minutes and I will have your group Achieving Extraordinary Results "

contact us now to reserve your date ... (814) 676-8954
Sunny James performs several programs per year, so to avoid disappointment, we urge you to contact us now to reserve your date ...